More Than

An Agency

We are a culture-driven full service integrated agency.
We provide

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We live and breathe culture and work in a highly collaborative way to deliver diversity, equity and inclusion solutions. We are made up of the industry’s top executives who offer years of expertise in a variety of services. We design data-driven strategies, create impactful programming and initiatives and train employees and leaders for success.

Why Choose The Burns Brothers?

We are an integrated multi-disciplinary agency offering 360-degree solutions for meeting client and stakeholder needs in the diverse world in which we live.

Our Solutions

We deliver across several pillars of operations and live at the intersection of research, integrated marketing, diversity and inclusion, and culture— specializing in creating programs that move the needle for our clients.


We use relatable and comprehensive marketing and communications strategies, data driven research and other quantitative techniques that recognize cultural nuances, create emotional connections and align with stakeholders’ needs and critical pain points.


There is nothing more powerful than allowing people to be heard. We employ a unique approach to gathering insights that creates a safe environment that encourages authenticity, vulnerability, and candor.


We specialize in helping organizations understand their current diversity landscape, identify key areas of opportunity, and build detailed and realistic approaches to accomplishing their diversity goals.


We have a level of personalized engagement
and programming that works for
all organizations and capitalizes on
the power of collaborative learning
and diverse experience-sets to
introduce and enforce core concepts.