There is one thing to take action, but another to have that action tied to a well thought out strategy. We specialize in helping organizations understand their multicultural landscape, identify key areas of opportunity, and build detailed and realistic approaches to accomplishing their organizational goals.


Building a strong professional and personal foundation requires internal reflection and external clarity. We use best-in-class assessments like Hogan, Clifton Strengthfinder from Gallup, Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI) and the Fascination Advantage to create holistic self-awareness.

Marketing & Comms

We use relatable and comprehensive marketing and communications strategies, data driven research and other quantitative techniques that recognize cultural nuances, create emotional connections and align with stakeholders’ needs and critical pain points.

Event Activation

Our team has a strong track record for curating and executing unique and memorable events ( in both in-person and virtual environments) that help brands and companies reach multicultural audiences in ways that create true engagement and lead to measurable action.


Polling, individual interviews and focus groups set baseline understanding and are critical first steps before advancing strategies, programming, and policies. Failure to do so may adversely effect the audiences that the organization is attempting to advance. These insights both inform your diversity and inclusion efforts internally and validate the process to external observers.

Risk Management

Identifying, controlling, and minimizing risks is critical to business success. Our experts work as an extension of your existing team, or in a fully outsourced capacity, to provide sustainable best practice recommendations that mitigate reputational, financial, operational, and regulatory risks.

Legal & Compliance

The worlds of legal and employee based compliance are complex and often intimidating. We offer legal based compliance services as well as Equal Employment Opportunity Seminars and Affirmative Action Programs/Planning. Our compliance services and training programs are tailored to an organization’s HR and business needs.

Coaching & Workshops

Regular direct and proactive interaction is required to build trust and understanding. Through structured individual coaching and interactive workshops, concepts are introduced, reinforced and reflected on; pushing participants past their comfort zones, while building skills necessary for long-term growth.


Leading growth-minded companies must have an employee talent pool that views life and solutions through different lenses. We help clients understand how to assess their talent needs, find and attract top diverse talent and ensure that this talent has an onboarding experience that allows them to maximize their abilities.

Training & Programming

Organizations that continue to use linear and impersonal approaches to employee development will never create the self-aware and resource-leveraging leaders needed for tomorrow. We have a level of personalized engagement and programming that works for all organizations and capitalizes on the power of collaborative learning and diverse experience-sets to introduce and enforce core concepts.


Companies who dedicate themselves to executing comprehensive diversity strategies understand that leveraging external industry experts to fill internal knowledge gaps is critical. After gaining a deep understanding of an organization’s strategy, we help clients identify the right partners and then work with both the client and partner to ensure successful integration and positive outcomes.

Supplier Diversity

Partnering with diverse suppliers must be seen as an effective way for organizations to tap into the top vendors across the United States, not a compliance-based requirement. Our team leverages relationships and decades of knowledge in procurement to ensure that our clients find and work with diverse vendors that align with their business objectives.